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February 24th, 1967 - June 25th, 2005

This website was created with alot of love and numerous tears. I have created this site for everyone to come to and remember Abdo, all memories that are shared will be saved forever so that one day when Abdo's children get older they can come here and read all the wonderful memories that we all have and they will know what a beautiful masterpiece of a human being their daddy was.

Abdelhadi Arabic Meaning " Servent of God "

" If there was ever anybody to deserve a ticket to the other side - it was you " 

Please lite a candle for Abdo, and feel free to contribute any photos, messages, or poems about him by clicking on the Tributes & Condolences Tab at the top of this page. Thank you to all who write such beautiful words in his memory and please continue to keep his website alive. Visit Often ! 

" Abdo " 

How do I describe Abdo ? 

A cherished husband, a loving devoted father, a dedicated son, a perfect brother, a fun & caring uncle and a  phenomenal soccer player.  There are no words I can say to truly let you know what a amazing human being he was. Anyone who has ever met Abdo would tell you that he left a lasting impression, and a mark on their lives in a very significant way. He was a rare jewel...a warm hearted genuine know him, was to love him!

Abdo was born in Alexandria, Egypt on February 24th, 1967. Because of economic reasons he decided to leave Egypt in March of 1992. He moved to the United States because he believed he could make a better future for himself here. We met on February 19th, 1993 at an Italian Restaurant where he was employed. I was quickly drawn to his good looks and charming personality.

After several months of brief encounters at the restaurant, we finally got together on May 22nd, 1993. I thank god for that day, because it was that day that marked the beginning of the happiest years of my life. We were married on April 5th, 1995. We decided to have children a couple of years later and after a " tubal reversal surgery " for me on September 27th, 1997, I was advised to start trying to become pregnant.

After twelve long months,...I finally became pregnant.  On December 23rd, 1999, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Adam.  I believe this was the happiest day of Abdo's life. He always said, that Adam was his first happiness. On September 26th, 2001 we were blessed again, with another baby boy...named Zachary. Abdo was over the moon...with happiness.  We now have two little boys, but Abdo was still determined to have a girl.  He use to joke with me, that we wouldn't stop having babies until we got a pink one. 

It was only two months after Zachary was born that Abdo had his first heart attack. The date was Nov.7th, 2001. He was rushed to the hospital for chest pain and it was confirmed that he had suffered a heart attack. He had three blockages in his arteries. The physicians repaired them and inserted metal stints...otherwise known as angioplasty.

Time passed and we figured Abdo would be alright. Why wouldn't he be...he was only 34 years old at the time. Until, he had a second heart attack in May of 2004. They found four more blockages, and again said his best option would be angioplasty. This time they inserted drug coated stints. Abdo was told he had aggressive heart disease of a seventy year old man.

At this point we couldn't understand why the doctors didn't do the open heart surgery. They kept telling him that angioplasty was his best option, considering his young age. In our ignorance, we accepted that.
Another year passed and on June 1st, 2005, we got some more unexpected news that would totally shock us. We found out that I was pregnant again. I think we were in a state of shock...followed by confusion and happiness all rolled into one big package. However, the condition of Abdo's health wouldn't let us experience the total happiness & excitement that we deserved.

I think in Abdo's heart he knew he would never live to see his children grow up. But, I don't think it crossed his mind that he would die before he saw his child born.
On June 25th, 2005... twenty five days after learning that he was going to be a daddy again, Abdo had another heart attack ? This one took him away from us forever. 

Little Yasmine Abdelhadi was born January 20th, 2006, 

( He finally made a pink one ! )

بلدي حبيبي عبدو ، فسأتطرق قلبي فعلتم. الابد أنني أحبك الى الأبد... سوف إنني أحبك حتى الموت بلدي اليوم. لكم هي واحدة بالنسبة لي ولن يكون هناك الآخر الذي نفتقدكم! النوم وصديقتي زوجها. حتى أرى انك اغاي... 


( I had this picture edited because every little girl, 
deserves to have a picture with her daddy. )

A moment I will treasure forever !

му ѕωєєт вєαυтιƒυℓ αηgєℓ,
ι тнιηк αвσυт уσυ єνєяу ѕιηgℓє ∂αу
αℓωαуѕ αѕкιηg тнє ѕαмє qυєѕтιση

He was my love, my friend, my husband,
And always my Hero.
My one wish is;
My last breath on earth
Be my first in Heaven
And the first words I hear are
"Hello Dana , Welcome Home"

My breath
....with yours!
My heart
....with yours!
My life
with yours!

Nothing is left to me!
except the Love
you brought.

....Always, always,
...I shall have
your Love!

-Joan Walsh Anglund,

"As long as I can I will look at this world for both of us. As long as I can I will laugh with the birds, I will sing with the flowers, I will pray to the stars, for both of us."

Abdo...Thank you for sending me signs !

"  If Dana asked for the stars... Abdo would give them to her.."



Please click on the link above to visit Abdo's
little babygirls website!
Thank you!

Abdo's Rotti Named " Mase "
" Together now in Heaven"

These little doggies were the last little gift Abdo gave to Adam & Zach two days before he passed away. They sleep with them every night.

Thank you Jayne Dyer

" Rita Darcy's Girl "

A Face in the Clouds

I looked toward the clouds today
and for a moment saw your face
and wondered just where you have gone
and a hope it's a better place.

Did you show yourself to me today
to tell me you're alright?
Or was it just a daydream
playing tricks upon my sight?

Then I thought of when you left,
you did not say a word.
We never said good-bye, but
in our hearts, your good-bye was heard.

You have changed our lives forever,
your time here not in vain,
and hope you know we always wanted
to keep you safe from pain.

We will always feel the void inside
because you are not here.
But each new thought you send our way
let's us know you're always near.

So until our journey nears it's end
and we hear the angels sing,
we'll face each new day as it comes
and live off the love you bring.

~ unknown ~

In one of the stars
I shall be living
In one of them
I shall be laughing
And so it will be
as if all the stars
were laughing
when you look
at the sky at night
....and there is sweetness
in the laughter of all the stars....
and in the memories
of those you love

"  Butterflies  "

In cultures all over the world,
butterflies are thought to represent souls.

The Aztecs believed
that souls of brave warriors and
relatives visited the living
in the form of

In Irish folklore,
the butterfly represents
a person's soul.

Its light and airy wings allows the soul
to cross into the Otherworld.

During medieval times,
paintings and sculptures of
angels showed
butterfly-shaped wings

Light a candle and
I will light a candle for you to
shatter all the darkness and
bless the times we knew.

Like a beacon in the night,
the flame will burn bright
And guide us on our way.

Oh today I light a candle for you.
The seasons come and go and
Im weary from the change.
I keep on moving on but
you know its not the same.

And when Im walking all alone,
do you hear me call your name?

Do you hear me sing the songs
we used to sing?
You filled my life with wonder,
touched me with surprise.
I hold onto the life and love we knew
because that love will never die!


Your Garden

After a while you learn the subtle difference
between holding a hand and chaining a soul.
And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning
and company doesn't always mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts
and presents aren't promises.
And you begin to accept your defects
with your head up and your eyes ahead.
With the grace of a woman
not the grief of a child.

And you learn to build all your roads on today
because tomorrows ground
is too uncertain for plans
and futures have a way of
falling down in mid flight.

And after awhile you learn that even sunshine
burns if you get too much.
So plant your garden and
decorate your own soul
Instead of waiting for someone
to bring you flowers

And you learn that you really can endure,
that you really are strong
And you really do have worth
And you learn and you learn,
With every goodbye, you learn. 


Six years has passed since you left me.

It has been the worst Six years of my life.

Hold my hand while I finish my journey here on earth.

Until we meet again...

Since you've gone first and i remain
to walk the road alone, i live
in memories garden dear
with happy days we've known
Since you've gone first and i remain
one thing i'd have you do
walk toward the great white throne
until i come for you.

I want to know each step you take,
that i may walk the same,
for someday on that lonely walk,
you'll hear me call your name.

" Yasmine Alexandria Abdelhadi "
This is Yasmine !
She is the little princess he was longing for. If only he could of held her and kissed her sweet little face one time. I can only imagine the happiness and joy he would of felt. I know he was with us when she came into the world and he is forever watching over his three little ones...for they truly were the loves of his life !

Abdo is an Angel

In Memory of our beloved
" Geddo "
Mohammed Elbanna

Abdo's Angel Friends

Please take a minute to visit Abdo's Angel Friends sites:

Micheal Jordan
# 23

Abdo's favorite team 
Chicago Bulls

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
He watched it every evening after work

" Angus "

The ending to this movie never failed to bring tears to Abdo's eyes !

Abdo would get a laugh out of this !

Alexandria...Abdo's Home.

Thank you for visiting




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